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Elite Matrimonial Service

MatchMe is an exclusive boutique matrimonial service for well established Indian individuals all across the globe who believe in the institution of marriage. Our objective is to get two individuals together who share common values, beliefs, interests and ultimately feel they are compatible with each other for marriage.

We believe in partnering with all our clients with utmost trust and integrity extending all efforts towards bringing two compatible individuals as well as families together in matrimony.

Our Founders, Tania and Mishi bring with them a fresh approach to traditional matchmaking. They seek to celebrate your individuality and help you to find someone who will be the one for you. This is why we are the ONLY service that many of our clients have tried. With an open mind, they are committed to filling the gap that exists in this area. Using their corporate experience, they bring a systematic and a psychologically insightful approach to MatchMe. As young, married professionals we intimately understand the role that compatibility, understanding, love and respect play in a happy marriage.

The modern reality is that we are constantly bombarded with information and choices. MatchMe seeks to curate that information and those choices to help you narrow your search for your life partner. We use our in-depth, personalized approach to understanding your priorities and then use that information to match you with the right one.

Together with hope and passion let's celebrate the story in each one of us and give ourselves a chance to experience our journey ' For a Lifetime' with MatchMe!

Our Approach

MatchMe aims to change the way people view matrimonial services. Our objective is to make this search process extremely personal and comfortable in a way that it becomes an enjoyable experience for you rather it being stressful and filled with doubt and apprehensions. Hence, our vision is to be recognized as the most efficient and trustworthy matchmaking service for Indians across the globe.

The secret of our success lies in understanding both individual and family needs, not compromising on either and then doing a personalized search. Throughout the process we take great pains to maintain client privacy. Our clients highly value our discreet approach. We take pride in never flooding you with unsuitable bulk data but instead taking the time to personally curate matches.

For addressing this, we at MatchMe follow a step by step process.

We have an initial registration screening process which includes an in person meeting . If you meet our criteria we include you in our database for an initial one- time registration fee
Once you choose to avail our personalized search and matchmaking service, we meet with the you to understand you as well as your requirements for your life partner. We do not use a bio data, instead we make your profile, based on individual interaction. This will include in depth understanding of past relationship patterns, deal breakers and must haves.
The search process begins with scanning and filtering of various profiles for you. Our search expands beyond our network to our social circle and references as well as media sources. Followed by certain verifications and references, we share basic details of suitable matches
We compile and present with a comprehensive information of the the prospective match for you with a recent picture. Once we get consent from you, we fix your meeting
After each meeting, we individually speak to both parties and use your feedback to refine further matches. We are personally involved throughout this process and will update our clients periodically on the search progress

Our Services

The Busy Bees: You are well accomplished, well settled, independent and having the best life can offer but that one thing is missing i.e having your life partner. It maybe coz you are too busy and you may not have that kind of time to go out and meet people or you aren't meeting the right people.....Till the time you find that one right person, we at MatchMe take that initiative to introduce you to like-minded people.

Not met the Right one: Many wonder and fail to understand the reason for not meeting that one right person. The personalized services we provide is to know and understand you as an individual and your exact requirements for a life partner. This helps us in knowing you better and finding you a suitable match as per your needs..

Concerned Parents: Often we see parents who are more worried and running from one matrimonial to another to get suitable life partner for their children. Here, we serve as a medium to know the prospective boy/girl personally, understanding theirs and the family requirements and then proceed with our search and scanning process to get you the right match.

Never too late: You many have gone through a bad marriage or relationships and maybe feeling difficult to settle down again. Also, sometimes one feels they’ve crossed the age and time. MatchMe helps in getting that one right partner for you regardless of your age or any rough past relations. We feel the process of finding your life partner is on till the time you meet that one right person in life. We help you overcome your hesitations and create your profile in a way that we are able to find that one right match as per your views and interests.

Hands-on Counseling: This process is designed to prepare an individual as such that he/she is better equipped with the idea of marriage, relationship building and foundation for a healthy marriage. Many individuals can not relate to the concept of marriage, some are not ready to settle down and others may have their own doubts. This counseling gives a better insight to an individual, understand their respective needs and increase one’s readiness to find a suitable life partner.


Mike Johnson

Mishi Mehta Sood

A boarding school educated from Sacred Heart Dalhousie and graduate from Lady Shri Ram College Delhi with a Masters degree in Finance from Amity Business School, is a co-founder of this company. She worked in a Business Consultancy firm for two years before joining her family business of real estate. She belongs to an affluent and well connected family of Punjab and Delhi and eventually moved onto something she enjoys the most. MatchMe was created out of sheer passion and inclination towards knowing and meeting people from various backgrounds. After playing cupid for few of her friends and then subsequently being approached by people to find them a life partner, she realized this need had to be addressed in a more organized way. Henceforth, MatchMe – an exclusive and extremely personalized service to help you find a partner for lifetime.

Jessica Specter

Tania Malhotra Sondhi

A Delhi University Amity Business School MBA graduate in Marketing, Tania is the co-founder of MatchMe. She has several years of high level experience in the recruiting and HR industry. She has conducted executive searches for several top companies in India and the Middle East. Understanding the nuances of people's needs and actualizing them is her core strength. After honing her skills in successfully recruiting the right talent for companies both in India as well as internationally, she has decided to use her impeccable strengths to bringing the right people together for relationships for life.

Tania belongs to a renowned family from Jalandhar and is married into a well-established family in Delhi. Her great family lineage and education give her a uniquely blended perspective of traditional and modern values. Married for 13 years to the love of her life, Tania wholeheartedly believes in the adage "a great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together, it is when the imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences". Through her personal experiences she realizes how meaningful and joyful life can be if you spend it with the ‘right’ person. Hence the significance of connecting with the ‘one’ and the commitment of MatchMe towards making this happen.

"We want MatchMe to be recognized as the most efficient and trustworthy matchmaking service for Indians across the globe."

MatchMe Profiles

Profile #1

This 29 year old beauty was born and brought up in Singapore and is fasinated with exploring new cultures and cuisines.
This sincere, generous and reliable young lady is part of the Private Equity & Finance Industry. She comes from a well educated and well cultured family . Looking to enter a new phase of her life with someone who is open minded, honest, someone who is not afraid of commitment and believes in mutual respect.

Profile #2

Standing tall at 5'8 and 31 years old , this young lady was born in Jalandhar and having studied in a boarding, she is smart, independent but at the same time family oriented.

Born into a family business of land development, she wanted to stand on her own two feet and has worked with one of the leading magazines in fashion and decor. Social, outgoing and fun loving, she is looking for her perfect match.

Profile #3

Coming from a well established family, this gorgeous London born, 36 year old ,LSE graduate would need no introduction.

She is a successful entrepreneur in the field of fashion. She has travelled the world, is fond of food and wine. Is a yoga lover and can be a book worm.

Profile #4

Our 38 year old, 5'11 ,music and sports lover was born and brought up in Delhi. Coming from a well established Punjabi family , he spent 9 years in the U.S working on Wall Street.

This ex investment banker is now in the business of automobile component manufacturing. He loves to play the guitar and is a fitness freak. Waiting to start the next chapter in his life.


We are extremely personalised and meet all our clients and curate matches personally. We are different from other matrimonial services as we are discreet and confidential in our approach. Our founders Mishi & Tania are young and understand the concerns of their clients while they are looking out for the right match for themselves. We focus not only on matching similar families but also keep in mind the individual personalities and requirements.
We are developing and continuously strengthening our network of well established Indians all over the globe. We follow a personalised approach where in we meet and interact with all our clients, understanding them better and thereafter sharing suitable matches. We follow an effort based process where in we do a focussed search for all our clients within as well as beyond our database. We focus on quality over quantity so we share profiles only after screening them as per each clients requirement.
No, it is imperative for us to meet the prospect in person or have an interaction over facetime/ skype before we can register.
Absolutely not! Please share your situation / requirement and we understand how to serve you best.
No. We cannot give any fixed number of profiles that we would be sharing. Also, we do not believe in sharing any profile randomly but instead will only share profiles that will match your requirements. This focus on quality over quantity makes us selective in our approach.
MatchMe started in December 2015 by Mishi and Tania. Our Founders, Tania and Mishi bring with them a fresh approach to traditional matchmaking. With an open mind, they are committed to fill the gap that exists in this area as they started this business with sheer passion and interest of connecting like- minded people. Even though new in the industry, we have a good success rate and all at first introductions.

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Elite Matrimonial Service

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Happy Stories


"Mishi helped me find my life partner and I couldn't have asked for more! My wife is indeed the best thing to have happened to me. More so both sides of our families have similar backgrounds, similar stories to share..."

  • Ankur Mehta

"MatchMe understood my needs, recognized the qualities I was looking out for in my partner. Matrimony is a lifetime decision and in my fickle moments they helped me clarify my doubts and be decisive. My family and in-laws are thankful to MatchMe for making us meet. As for me, the families are so similar in nature, it was very easy to attune to the new set up"

  • Ruchi Shoor

"I met my husband through MatchMe and it's been wonderful."

  • Nandini Sharma

"I do believe matches are preordained in heaven. But it's also true that God helps those, those who help themselves! Raj and I were too occupied in our own professional lives to find each other, thanks to MatchMe for stepping in and making this happen for us. MatchMe took the time to understand what I was looking for in a partner, taking into account all that mattered to me personally, including families in my case. The personalised service went a step ahead in not wasting my time in looking at 'resumes'! A well thought of, well executed service run by professionals, with the right balance of mind and heart. A heartfelt thank you from Raj and myself "

  • Natasha